“DKO has the vision, the people and the experience to design and deliver great architecture that stands the test of time.”

Koos de Keijzer


DKO was established in 2000 to create its own vision of architecture and design. Over the last 23 years, with Koos de Keijzer as founding partner and Principal, the practice has grown exponentially and comprises a multidisciplinary team of more than 250 professionals working across six studios in Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia.
At DKO, people are our greatest resource and collaboration, communication and connection are key to our ethos. We listen to everyone, from the client to the graduate through to the principal, ensuring the best idea for a design always wins.
We are adaptable and flexible in order to achieve. Our expertise is diverse and runs deep, covering architecture, interiors and landscape architecture for sectors that include single and multi-residential, hospitality, commercial, institutional, education and government projects, as well as urban design and master-plans.
In our ever-changing world, DKO’s commitment to sustainability is unwavering and consultation with First Nation’s peoples is crucial to delivering projects that reflect culture and place, for today and the future.

We are designers

We create for longevity, we want our designs to count.

The Best Idea Wins

We listen to everyone in order to conceive the ultimate design.

We Collaborate

Collaboration is key to our success.

We are visual

We communicate best through visual mediums and bring our clients with us to realise a design.

We Table propositions

Through the intellectual rigour behind our work, we explore a brief and find a clever and commercially viable solution.

We Communicate

Communication is integral in all that we do.

We are accountable

To each other, our clients and collaborators.

We are sustainable

We help to sustain our environment through best practice and creating design that lasts.



We lead by example. DKO is a Carbon Neutral practice.

DKO is committed to undertaking its business in a manner that recognises the importance of environmental protection and sustainability. The protection of the environment is a priority in our workplace and in our projects, across project life cycles including design, construction, manufacture, use and disposal.

Diversity & Inclusion

DKO is committed to providing a workplace where all our employees are treated with fairness and respect. We believe in celebrating the uniqueness of everyone, and therefore create a more productive and successful practice.

We are committed to maintaining a workplace that promotes equal opportunity for all. We aim to ensure that decisions are made based on merit and do not involve discrimination.


DKO is committed in having regular discussions with team members to examine performance and plan future development opportunities. We offer support to those seeking registration through mentorship, a log book club, presentation and training opportunities, flexible hours and CPD events.

We have been incredibly successful in growing people, with most of our senior team members exceeding 10 years. We allow people to take risks and make mistakes. We want to see our team grow.

Designing With Country

DKO works closely with First Nation’s people to ensure that its architecture and design recognises Country and is celebrated through every project.

Collaboration and connection support history and storytelling that then culminates in a narrative to ensure the best outcome for design, people and place.


Koos de Keijzer

Designing for Legacy

Isabel Munro

Hospitality Design

Sam McCubbin and Daisy Richmond-Smith

DKO Landscape

Awards & Recognition

Our commitment to design excellence is illustrated by the range of awards and accolades our projects receive with recognition from our professional peers, allied disciplines and the property development and construction sectors.


Work with us

As architects and designers, we have the privilege of working creatively, engaging in multidisciplinary environments and working with diverse teams.

We provide real opportunities for personal growth, and support for individuals to realise their potential.

Work with us