Culture & Values - image

We remain tethered to our brick and mortar materials whilst still effectively using the latest digital drawing technologies. This is part of our visuality.

Respect: We care about people
Inclusive: We listen and share
Passionate: We love what we do
Excellence: We are always growing and learning
Accountable: We take personal responsibility

The values we espouse and the culture they inform are integral aspects of DKO’s success as a practice. Years of growth and constant self-reflection may have changed how DKO looks and feels on the surface, but it has been a core set of values that have maintained our momentum as a both as a business and a factory for ideas.

Pride in our identity as designers, our commitment to chase the best idea, our ability to collaborate, our bent towards the visual, an insistence in always tabling all possible propositions, our communication, accountability, and finally, our drive to grow people. These are our values.

Going forward we ensure that our actions speak louder than our words, and it is through 18 years of instituting an array of procedures and activities that a culture as developed to allow these values to thrive. We intend on having this culture continue to allow our values and business to thrive.

First and foremost, our pride in our identities as designers is exemplified in our encouragement for the team at all levels to sketch their designs. We remain tethered to our brick and mortar materials whilst still effectively using the latest digital drawing technologies. This is part of our visuality. At DKO we have a beautiful perspective hand, rarely presenting building elevations. Rather, we interact with clients using card models, renderings or sketches.

Our visuality has helped our work to be more accessible, as well as to help instil artistic passion in our team, a passion that we use objectively to chase the best idea. The best idea is one that furthers our legacy of leaving better buildings than before. And the best idea always wins, but finding it requires our ability to collaborate and communicate.

We hold fortnightly forums as a way of ensuring direct communication between different teams, as well as to hear industry professionals. They are a way of guaranteeing accountability for all project partners. They also help ensure that teams have holistic understanding of where their roles fit into the grand scheme.

Strong communication and collaboration, we know, can also be established outside of work activities. That is why we hold frequent events aimed at upping moral as well as promoting the development of positive relationships between staff.

Our value of growing people perhaps has the greatest bearing on our culture. As our business is not static, neither are our staff. We offer a range of pathways and career development opportunities to ensure that our team are always pushing the concept of the impossible and open to all project options.

At the core of this is our team’s health and wellbeing. Our industry is one that frequently does not sleep, deadlines can be daunting and unforgiving. That is why we offer a range of healthy activities, constant supply of fresh fruit, medical services as well as facilities for those who chose to bike to work. A coffee machine greets all guests and staff at each of our studios and is a great way of keeping everyone sufficiently caffeinated.

And that’s us! Our culture and values can never be fully captured in just words, so come down to our studios together to get a feel to exactly what it is that makes DKO such a fun, dynamic and game-changing environment to work in.